Boulder Shack's Awesome 


Introducing Boulder Shack’s Creative Community

Now also buy climbing & training equipment here
Now also buy climbing & training equipment here

How It Works

Super cool local artists involved with Boulder Shack produce creative designs

All artists providing designs are a part of Boulder Shack and the local climbing community. From climbing squad parents and staff team members to teachers of schools we work with. In some cases, we have commissioned them to produce a piece, but almost all designs are provided for free.


You do some clicky stuff with your mouse, then sit back and relax

All t-shirts are printed to order. This means we can have loads of designs to choose from without requiring large stock-holds. This ‘Direct to print’ process usually means a high-end price, but we’ve kept it low for you because, frankly, we’d rather see you looking like a legend.


Some snazzy gear arrives in the post and you… just look cool

We provide a 100% guarantee that whilst wearing your t-shirt you will become highly desirable, look undeniably cool, and climb at least two grades harder. What’s more, all our printed garments are made with 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.